Carpet is an economical textile floor option that provides warmth and comfort underfoot, as well as helping reduce heating and cooling bills annually. Furthermore, its soft textile surface absorbs sound waves while insulating rooms more effectively – thus helping lower heating/cooling bills each year.

Vinyl flooring emits one of the lowest VOC emissions. Additionally, its passive air filtration properties help trap dust particles and allergens before they recirculate through a room’s airways.


Carpet is soft underfoot and provides comforting warmth during those early winter morning walks. As an excellent insulator, carpet keeps rooms warm; making it the ideal choice for bedrooms, children’s rooms and certain family/living room spaces.

Carpet has an effective sound-deadening property, reducing noise from other rooms in the house and making it an excellent choice for families with young children or elderly residents.

Carpet flooring’s soft cushion makes it comfortable for long periods of standing up, making it suitable for trade shows and home use alike. Portable plush carpet squares come fully padded and include anti-fatigue designs to provide additional support and make excellent choices for booths and living rooms alike.

Carpet has made great advances over the past several years, offering stylish designs and colors to complement all decor styles. At Carpet Magic we provide samples for you to try before advising you on which product best meets your requirements and price range.


Carpet offers superior sound dampening capabilities compared with hardwood floors (via All Things Flooring). Wool carpet, an eco-friendly natural fiber, offers particularly effective sound suppression. Furthermore, wool is durable and stain-resistant while being flexible enough for custom designs that will create unique floors.

Wool is widely considered the highest-grade carpet fiber available, boasting superior strength, colourfastness and resilience for high-end residential carpet.

Density of carpet pile is one indicator of quality; this refers to both its number and quality. When choosing an ideal density for you and your location/purpose needs. Our associates can help find products tailored to both.

Easy to clean

Carpet is one of the most cost-effective flooring options available, as they can be tailored to a range of structures and colors. Many are treated with stain, soil and water repellent properties for added protection in case of spills or accidents; regular sweeping followed by periodic damp mopping using manufacturer recommended cleaner should keep your carpet looking great while performing well.

Maintaining regular professional cleaning can help prevent “traffic lanes” on your carpets – dark lines which appear in areas of high foot traffic – that result from large volumes of dirt collecting in its fibres, then being trodden over multiple times, speeding up its wear down.

If your carpet does become stained, they’re typically easy to clean off using a microfiber cloth soaked with clear liquid. For tougher stains, try mixing vodka and water (or another nontoxic cleaner) together as an antiseptic to break down odor-causing compounds in the stain.

Adds value to your home

Carpet is an elegant and practical addition to any home, providing style, comfort, and value. Carpet’s unique properties make it a wonderful flooring choice, especially for families with young children and seniors with mobility issues. Its soft surface provides more traction than hard floors for reduced risk of slips and falls; plus its sound-absorption qualities create a quieter environment.

Well-maintained carpet also plays an integral role in filtering the air, filtering out particles that cause allergies and asthma in sensitive people. One study discovered that wall-to-wall carpeting can decrease dust by 50% when compared with uncarpeted homes.

But you should keep in mind that potential buyers might be turned off by your carpet. Therefore, it is advisable to replace it prior to listing your home for sale and consider what comparable homes in your area are selling for before making your decision about installing hardwood or luxury vinyl plank (LVP), both of which provide more design freedom while being more expensive than carpet.

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