Kitchen islands and peninsula serve as the focal point of your kitchen. Islands and peninsulas are popular designs in home remodeling because it offers more space and function to the kitchen. However, before you go for such design, it is important to determine the amount of space and functionality of your new kitchen has. To get maximum benefits of your kitchen island and peninsula, here are some ideas that can guide you in choosing the best design for your kitchen.

There are six general types of kitchen designs: Island, Parallel, Straight, L-Shaped, U-Shaped, and Galley. In island kitchen design, there is one large work triangle, and several smaller work triangles surrounding the large work triangle. The stove, sink, and range are placed in the centre of the work triangle. There is usually a dishwasher along the sides of the triangle to provide more space for washing the dishes. Your cooktop and refrigerator are placed on the sides of this arrangement.

In parallel design, your kitchen has two or more work surfaces which run parallel to each other. You usually have a stove and sink located in the centre of the kitchen. The rest of the kitchen is made up of storage cabinets, countertops, and appliances. The arrangement of appliances helps you keep your kitchen tidy. In contrast to the island and the peninsula, the cooking surface of parallel kitchen is often bigger than the rest of the kitchen.

L-shaped design is the opposite of the above design. In this kitchen configuration, there is no single large work triangle. Rather, there are several small work triangles in the corners. The stove, sink, and range are usually situated on the edges of the L shapes. This type of kitchen is most commonly used by families who have dinner together after eating meals at the house.

Modular kitchen refers to flexible kitchen designs where you can rearrange and customize the kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops, and other fixtures as required. For instance, you can replace old kitchen cabinets with new ones of the same color and material. If you wish, you can change the tiles, wall colors, flooring, lighting, and other design elements as well. Some modular kitchen is equipped with built-in cabinets, while others are designed to be used in a stand-alone manner.

Another important factor to remember while considering the Kitchen is the amount of space that is available in the kitchen. Consider the number of persons using the kitchen as well. The layout of the modular kitchen can easily accommodate three to four persons at a time. Some kitchen designers prefer a smaller Kitchen so that they can accommodate more people and also improve efficiency of the cooking process. Make sure that you are comfortable working in the arrangement and that you can move freely about without any obstacles in the kitchen.

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