Painting your kitchen cabinets is probably the single most transformational thing you can do for your home without a complete gut renovation. In fact, it is a task that could take only a few hours, depending on your own particular size of kitchen.

You’ll first need to have your chosen color of paint ready and then begin painting the entire kitchen cabinetry at once. While this seems like an easy task, the truth is that it takes quite a while to paint your cabinets all the way through, especially if the kitchen cabinetry is made from heavy, dense woods like oak.

Painting the kitchen cabinetry in this manner will require that you use a sponge with an even coat of paint as well as two coats of primer. This is not a job for the novice and it will certainly require some sanding before you’re done. If you don’t think you’re up to this challenge, hire a contractor to do the job for you.

After your finish coat is dry, apply another coat of paint and let it dry in place for about 24 hours. If you don’t want to wait, you could even spray a borate or varnish remover onto a paper towel and rub that onto the cabinets. You will end up having to sand them down a bit more, but you shouldn’t have to worry about peeling paint from the woodwork at all.

After that finish coat is dry, your next task is to finish the cabinets by staining them. While you may have to spend a little extra time to do this part of the job, you will also save yourself money on paint and wood cleaners as well.

So, how to paint your kitchen cabinetry? It is fairly simple and not too difficult. All that’s left is to sit back and enjoy the results.

First, you will need to sand your finish coat down so that you can get a smooth, even finish. Once you have finished sanding, you will need to use a primer to make sure that the paint you are using is evenly applied. Then you will apply the paint and give it a good coat.

Finally, you will need to let the finish coat sit for a day or two and then apply another coat. This will allow the color to thoroughly dry.

Painting your kitchen cabinetry is a very simple process that doesn’t take long to do. Once you have finished, you will find that your kitchen is cleaner and brighter than it was before. You will also save time, money, space, and energy.

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