Interior design courses offered for free can provide an effective entryway into this highly competitive field. There are no upfront costs or restrictions associated with accessing them at any time and any place – making these classes accessible any time and from any device!

Erikka Foggleman and Skillshare offer this course designed by Erikka Foggleman that uses simplified video lessons to address interior design topics such as space planning, furniture design and working with different decoration styles such as Art Deco, Zen and retro decorations. These subjects will all be discussed.

1. Design Your Own Home

Building your own home is an enormously fulfilling journey that demands creativity and functionality. No matter if you are professional designer looking to expand their portfolio or a novice DIYer wanting to expand their decorative styles and concepts knowledge base – there are plenty of free resources that can assist in the process.

HGTV’s Design 101 section offers free information for contemporary interior design. With articles, slideshows and videos covering topics ranging from kitchen design to furniture style and even photo inspiration tabs to help when needed – Design 101 provides all of this free knowledge for contemporary interior design!

Skillshare offers a free online course designed for novice interior design and decorating enthusiasts, covering everything from mood boards and sketches to design tools such as CAD and 3D rendering software. It’s the ideal starting point for learning more.

2. Design Your Room

No matter if it is one room or your entire house that needs improvement, free courses available on e-learning platforms offer guidance in designing it. They teach the skills needed to select an interior style, sketch out plans and use professional interior designer tools and techniques.

Before beginning to redesign your space, it is crucial that you set a budget and understand your constraints. This will allow you to focus on altering parts of the room that can afford change – like adding new carpet or painting walls.

Participating in such courses will teach you to work within your budget while still designing a stunning room. They’ll also develop your eye for detail and allow you to understand how every piece fits together seamlessly – something which is invaluable when creating personal spaces or working with clients with specific requests.

3. Design Your Space

No matter your level of design expertise or home DIYer status, online courses provide an ideal way to expand and perfect your creative abilities for home redesign. Offering short video content and completed in an hour or less.

These online interior design courses provide essential knowledge and hands-on experience that can be applied directly to real life scenarios. Students will learn how to select furniture and accessories, create color palettes and treat windows and doors properly.

Udemy provides free courses designed to educate aspiring interior design professionals in the fundamentals of interior design and how they can apply them in real-life projects. Students of any skill level can enroll and learn at their own pace. MasterClass courses, taught by top designers including Kelly Wearstler and Corey Damen Jenkins are another option; their professionally produced videos can be completed within two hours per lesson.

4. Design Your Bedroom

Beds are usually the focal point in bedrooms, so choosing a size and type can be one of the first tasks in designing one. Once this decision has been made, next comes selecting an attractive headboard to complete your room’s look – Kraiem suggests choosing something personal while complementing its color scheme.

Consider adding soft elements such as area rugs, window drapes, and plush throw blankets to add visual softening elements that help soften the room and soften its stark appearance. This can create an inviting space more welcoming than simply being focused around a bed.

MIT OpenCourseWare program offers a free interior design course to anyone through its OpenCourseWare platform, covering basic principles and terminology of interior design as well as offering samples you can download for use in future design projects. While not offering certification, this course can give you valuable design skills you can incorporate into your own home interiors.

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