When it comes to toilet renovation, tiles play an important role in establishing the overall look. The perfect tiles may convert an ordinary space into a gorgeous refuge. In this post, we’ll look at the most recent tile trends, researching solutions that will improve the look of your toilet while also adapting to the specific needs of HDB bathroom design.

Large Format Tiles for a Seamless Sophistication

Accept the trend of large-size tiles for a smooth and classy appearance. These tiles have proportions that transcend typical sizes, resulting in continuous surfaces that provide the illusion of extra space. This trend makes modest HDB bathrooms feel cleaner and more spacious.

Large format tiles have fewer grout lines, which contributes to a sleek and modern look. The shortened grout lines not only improve the visual appeal but also make maintenance easier, making them an excellent choice for busy homeowners who value both style and functionality.

Geometric Patterns for a Playful Elegance

Hexagonal tiles are making a resurgence, bringing a touch of classic beauty to bathroom rooms. The six-sided wonders create a colourful pattern that can be utilised for flooring, accent walls, or even a distinctive backsplash. The variety of hexagonal tiles allows for unique and eye-catching designs.

Try chevron or herringbone arrangements for a dynamic visual impact. These geometric patterns create movement and appeal on toilet walls or flooring. Chevron patterns form a succession of V-shapes, and herringbone patterns have a characteristic zigzag arrangement, both conveying a sense of vitality and style.

Textured Tiles for a Sensory Experience

3D tiles provide depth and richness to your toilet space. These textured tiles provide a tactile elegance that stimulates the senses. Whether utilised as an accent wall or a feature in the shower, 3D tiles provide visual interest and a touchable dimension to the entire design.

Discover natural stone finishes for a hint of organic appeal. From marble to travertine, these textured tiles capture the beauty of natural materials, adding a touch of luxury to your HDB bathroom decor. The diverse textures give warmth and character, resulting in a spa-like ambience.

Subway Tiles for a Timeless Appeal

Subway tiles’ versatility and ageless charm ensure that they will endure. Classic white subway tiles are a popular choice for giving toilets a clean and fresh appearance. Their rectangular shape and bevelled edges provide slight visual interest, making them a popular choice in contemporary bathroom design.

Coloured subway tiles are becoming popular among individuals looking for a bolder look. For a dramatic and elegant look, use tones such as navy, emerald green, or pink. Coloured subway tiles can be utilised as an accent or to cover entire walls, bringing uniqueness to the toilet.

Patterned Tiles for an Artistic Flourish

Encaustic cement tiles are an artistic alternative that honours traditional motifs. These patterned tiles come in a variety of exquisite patterns and colours, allowing you to add a touch of artistry to your toilet renovation. Encaustic tiles are perfect for establishing a focal point or distinguishing distinct areas of the toilet.

Choose Moroccan or Mediterranean-inspired patterned tiles to transport your toilet to exotic locales. These tiles have brilliant colours and unique patterns that convey a sense of adventure. Use them as floor tiles, backsplashes or accent walls to add a touch of cultural flavour to your HDB bathroom.


Tiles are the unsung heroes of toilet renovations, providing limitless opportunities for creativity and style. From large format tiles for a seamless look to geometric patterns, textured tiles, subway tiles and artistic encaustic tiles, the possibilities are vast and interesting. Staying up to date on tile trends allows you to change your toilet into a gorgeous retreat that adheres to the principles of current HDB bathroom design. Enhance your space, one tile at a time.

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