Kitchen cabinets are an integral component to the aesthetic of any space and should reflect that in terms of cost and update with current colors. Replacing them may be expensive; painting provides an affordable alternative that will update and modernize any room.

Selecting the appropriate cabinet paint can ensure a job well done and lasting for years to come. Here are some top choices:


Behr’s paint is an excellent choice for kitchen cabinet painting as it resists cracking, chipping, fading, blistering, mildew and household chemicals. Furthermore, it dries quickly to form a tack-free film which stops cabinet doors from sticking – although darker hues may require longer to set in.

Traditional oil-based paint dries quickly to form a hard finish that stands up well against wear and tear, plus is easily washable with soap and water.

Professional painters love this hybrid alkyd enamel because it’s easy to apply with either brush or roller and quickly dries to a durable furniture-grade finish. Plus, its low VOC emissions and tintability enable limitless color choices!


One of the best paints for kitchen cabinets, this oil-based paint requires no primer and covers dark marks easily. Once dried, its hard and durable finish resists mildew, dirt, household chemicals, mildew growth and mildew removal easily with water alone; no additional cleaners such as mineral spirits are needed for removal.

This semi-gloss cabinet paint is tintable, giving you the freedom to find your ideal color without purchasing an entire bucket of it. Additionally, its durable finish can withstand chips, scratches and stains for an excellent wear resistance in busy homes that see lots of wear-and-tear.

Spray-on paints offer an easy alternative to traditional painting methods that often take hours of prep work before being ready to start painting, saving both time and energy in the process. Dried quickly to a smooth, even coat that wipes clean easily after drying; also suitable for trim and doors making this versatile choice; may need to be reapplied more frequently than latex or oil-based options but might save more than other paint options in terms of application cost and effort required for prep work.

Hybrid Enamel

One of the best paints for cabinets, this oil-based acrylic-alkyd paint comes in different sheens and has exceptional durability. It resists stains, mildew and household chemicals while easily being cleaned up with soap and water – ideal for wood, vinyl and surfaces with frequent usage such as baseboards, trim molding or stair railings.

Another option available to DIYers in the US, Milesi’s premium urethane-acrylic paint offers durable coverage with no open grain openness issues or excessive smell, unlike most oil-based paints that require mineral spirits for cleaning up afterwards. You can apply semi-gloss or satin sheen finishes – perfect for high traffic areas like kitchens. Professional painters often opt for this brand, which you can find at your nearest Benjamin Moore retailer.

Chalk Paint

Cabinet paint should provide a hard, durable surface that stands up well against moisture and wear-and-tear, and selecting the appropriate type and quality can save both money and effort during a DIY cabinet painting project. Prior to choosing your type of paint, it is wise to review your cabinets’ current condition, construction details and kitchen traffic before making a final decision on its application.

Benjamin Moore Advance waterborne alkyd paint offers many of the benefits associated with oil-based paints while remaining VOC compliant. Available in an almost limitless array of colors and offering sheen levels from satin to gloss, its smooth flow and leveling are especially effective on open wood grains; drying to a hard finish it also cleans up easily using damp cloth while not yellowing over time.

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