Irrigation professionals have the tools and experience to install your sprinkler system correctly the first time. This saves you the cost of purchasing your installation supplies and dealing with the complexities of DIY projects.

During irrigation start-ups, professionals will also reset your watering zones for the season to ensure that your lawn and landscape get all the hydration they need. This will help to avoid costly repair bills later on.

Save Money in the Long Run

Despite how handy YouTube tutorials can be, some projects are better left to the professionals. This includes anything to do with a lawn irrigation system.

Professionals have years of experience designing and installing irrigation systems. Their expertise saves you time and money on the back end. It also helps you avoid any issues that could be costly in the long run.

Irrigation service professionals know how much water a lawn needs, including frequency and duration. This protects your yard from under- or overwatering, which can harm plant health.

professional irrigation St Louis start-up can safely pressurize your system to prevent burst pipes. They will also check for clogs, head damage, and general irrigation system health. Because they’re experienced, they can catch problems early, saving you time and money. Plus, many irrigation companies provide additional year-round landscaping services like lawn mowing, snow removal, spring cleanup, fall cleanup, and more. They may even offer a warranty on parts and labor.

Catch Irrigation Issues Early

A professional irrigation company can help you avoid costly repairs in the future by catching problems early. During the start-up process, they’ll likely conduct a thorough system inspection, including filling all your main lines to check for leaks and other damage. They’ll also reset your watering zones so that each part of your yard receives the right amount of hydration, which is important in Missouri’s summer heat.

Find out if the company offers maintenance services, too, so they can check in regularly to keep your system running smoothly. This way, they’ll be able to catch issues like broken rotors or sprinkler heads before they become more serious.

Also, see if the company has any customer reviews and testimonials. These are good indicators of whether you’ll be happy with the services provided by the company. Finally, ask about the company’s after-sales policy to see if they have any warranties or guarantees for their products and services.

Save Time

Professionals have the necessary tools to handle installation and repairs without relying on homeowners for help. This saves time and money for both parties because it eliminates the need to rent or purchase specialized equipment.

In addition, professionals know the telltale signs of an irrigation system issue and can quickly address it on the spot. Often, this can prevent costly repairs that could be avoided if a problem were caught sooner.

Professionals can also perform a spring start-up of the irrigation system, safely pressurize the lines, and reset the watering zones so that the entire property gets water appropriate to the weather conditions and plant types in each zone. This ensures that all areas are well-rested and helps protect the soil and plants from drought or disease. This is one of the most efficient ways to conserve water and minimize expenses. Some have saved millions of gallons of water for owners of large corporate campuses, HOA communities, golf courses, and municipalities.

Avoid Irrigation Damage

When professionals perform repairs on irrigation systems, they need to understand the physics behind how water flows & what can cause problems. For example, if too much pressure is applied to a pipe, it may burst & require costly repair or replacement. If the water is fed to your landscaping too quickly, it can saturate the soil, drowning the roots & depriving them of oxygen, leading to plant death.

When professional technicians are on the job site, they will have specialized equipment that can safely pressurize the pipes & reset the watering zones, saving you from expensive repair or replacement costs. They also know to catch telltale signs that alert them to potential damage or failure.

Another critical step in ensuring the longevity of your system is having it professionally winterized each fall. Without this process, you risk causing significant damage to the system & facing expensive repairs in the spring.

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